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The NFL Expert
NFL Weekly Subscription
A one time purchase gets you my weekly NFL card. If I happen to have anything going in another league, you get those plays too! I wager these games myself and am confident enough in them to let you have them for a very low cost.

NFL Remainder of Season PLUS Playoffs
For a one time purchase you will receive my NFL selections for the rest of the 2018 season all the way through the Super Bowl!

Boomtown Sports
All Basketball Weekly
Receive all of our selections (college and pro) from our hoops experts for a week. Join us and make some money!

All Hockey Weekly
Receive all selections from our NHL expert for a week. These will include sharp underdogs and wise favorites. Join us for some winning!

All Football Weekly
Get all football plays from our pro and college gridiron experts!

NHL Monthly
Join our NHL expert for a month of winning picks!

All Basketball Monthly
Receive an entire month of all hoops selections from our college and pro experts!

All Football Monthly
Receive all football plays from our pro and college gridiron experts for a month!