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5 out of 6 isn't perfect but if your book charges the usual 10% that equates to a profit of $390 per 6 games if you play 100 per game.
If you are in to win then it's time to begin! Lots of hanicappers want to state their records or how hot they have been. Well I have a streak and it's called winning! They call me N8 ball and when I'm on the table I go into every pocket, and one pocket I'm going to fill is yours. The hardest part of any task is getting started but once you start with my picks my table won't be covered but all those spreads will!

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Nate Ball Release Times
Picks come out the day prior to the game to ensure all factors are considered! Coaching, weather, road records, injuries, and game managment is always rolled into our locks.
Nate Ball Rating System
Handicappers obviously focus on past spreads, prior matchups, and injuries but in order to win everything must be considered. Is weather a factor or is that extra hook on the line going to sway my picks? Casinos make their bank on the big schools or first place teams because that is what people want to and can watch. In that case we focus on the less noticed things and sneak in with a hidden gem. Looking at coaching tendencies is also important. Do teams run it up the whole game or is clock management a factor. Do the starters play the whole game or does the bench finish off the game? Do we use the whole shot and play clocks to our advantage or do we keep our pedal to the medal the entire game and risk a comeback? Sure players are the biggest factor in a game but coaching is a huge factor to covering spreads. Nobody wants to pick the weaker team in a matchup but getting points is valuable. We also can't have a favorite team or be afraid to bet against them if we do. Betting to win is also important and not just betting because it is the only game on. Line movements are also a key and just because everyone is picking that favorite doesn't mean it has to cover. Teams want to win every game but the bottom line is all that matters is a win. Whether they win by 50 or by 1 all that matters is that win.
Nate Ball Money Management
We all know casinos and bookies make money with the juice but money management is key. We can't chase if we are down and emotions can't be a factor. We stick with constant wager amounts and let our record of winning outweigh and losses we may incur. Books and casinos love chasers so we don't give them what they want. Instead of betting more each game and risking a bigger loss, a team with plus dollars can get you even and your wager never increased.