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It's been a solid 2018 so far. Looking forward to the last half of the regular season and what is sure to be a thrilling playoffs!
I am a handicapper specializing in the NFL with over 25 years experience. I've learned quite a bit during that time, absorbing reliable angles in this exciting sport. Data is important, but not everything. Situations and personalities are also key ingredients when determining a play. By the time I've studied the weekly card, I usually only have a few plays - but that is fine because I'd rather go 3-0 than 4-4. Occasionally I venture into college football or other sports, but only when it's a very compelling lean.

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A one time purchase gets you my weekly NFL card. If I happen to have anything going in another league, you get those plays too! I wager these games myself and am confident enough in them to let you have them for a very low cost.

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For a typical Sunday card, my plays will posted by Friday night.
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An average play is 3 stars, top play will be 7 stars or more. Most plays tend to be 2-5 stars.
The NFL Expert Money Management
Consistency and discipline is the key. Don't chase or shy away. Stay steady week to week and the season almost always turns a profit.