Mad Jack Sports

  Nate Ball
If you are in to win then it's time to begin! Lots of hanicappers want to state their records or how hot they have been. Well I have a streak and it's called winning! They call me N8 ball and when I'm on the table I go into every pocket, and one pocket I'm going to fill is yours. The hardest part of any task is getting started but once you start with my picks my table won't be covered but all those spreads will!
  The NFL Expert
I am a handicapper specializing in the NFL with over 25 years experience. I've learned quite a bit during that time, absorbing reliable angles in this exciting sport. Data is important, but not everything. Situations and personalities are also key ingredients when determining a play. By the time I've studied the weekly card, I usually only have a few plays - but that is fine because I'd rather go 3-0 than 4-4. Occasionally I venture into college football or other sports, but only when it's a very compelling lean.
  Sonny Goldman
  Boomtown Sports
We are a team of specialists in each of the major American sports. We actively handicap the NFL, NCAA football and basketball, the NBA, MLB and NHL.